new chairmanFull many a gem of purest ray serene,
The dark unfathom’d caves of ocean bear:
Full many a flow’r is born to blush unseen,
And waste its sweetness on the desert air.
-Elegy Written in a country Churchyard

It has been a tragedy for this country that, for thousands of years, what the poet Thomas Gray above speaks about the rustic villagers of England of two hundred years ago, has equally been true of the children of this country till very recently. For most of our countrymen, education for our children has been to practise and adopt the vocation of their forefathers. There was no way they could locate and unearth their hidden talents and abilities. They, like the gems of purest ray serene in dark caves of the ocean, and, flowers blooming in the lonely forest, lived and died unseen, unhonoured and unsung with their talents getting a quiet burial along with their mortal remains. This has been a sad story of the total absence of human resource development and the prime reason why such a large country as ours despite physical and human resources has remained under-developed.

Now our understanding of the concept of education has undergone a sea change. We now, albeit belatedly, have come to realise that the development of human resource, not through literacy alone or by imparting theoretical knowledge, but through skill oriented and technology based modern education, is the key to development. That is how the western countries have developed and given their citizens a happy and comfortable life.

The Ganga Group of Institutions (GGI) quite early in its journey towards quality education, realised the wisdom of the dictum that the right kind of education delivered at the doorstep of the students is the most potent tool of social and national transformation. The GGI, therefore, opened schools and colleges in the rural areas of Delhi and Haryana where the need for modern quality education existed the most. This approach has paid rich dividends. We were not only successful in our mission to bring our students to the front row of the similarly qualified students of the country but to awaken the hunger for quality education in the general populace as well.

The journey of the GGI is still not over. Despite our achievements, the best is yet to be. We invite the students looking for quality education in engineering and technology, management, architecture and town planning and teacher education to join our quest for a satisfying and lucrative career for them.

Bharat Gupta

Ganga Group of Institutions

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